Wedding Pricing and Process


I cannot wait to see you on your best day.

Every wedding is new and every wedding is memorable. I am here to capture those moments that you wish you can hold on to just a little bit longer.

My process is a background approach to make sure you are always at center stage. The images we see on Pinterest with the amazing posing and composition are tempting, I know, but from first hand experience I believe you are going hope to remember looking into your love's eyes and not my lens.

My job and what I know I do best is making you feel comfortable. I am not going to make you put on your shoes five times and make your bridesmaid fake cry. I want the messy masacara, srunched nose, incessant joy radiating through you. Give me the raw and I will give you the history.

There's a Difference.

You are probably oversaturated with options by now.

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and if you are doing it on your own, then I know you are overwhelmed with vendor after vendor. I can narrow down how a good and great photographer can make a difference.

A great photographer doesn't force their personality, relationship, or idea on you. They understand who you are and can see the deep love between your forever soulmate. They take this together and create everlasting memories to show those you bring into your world.

There is a reason why I am behind the camera. 

I know how hard it is to be in front of it-and do you want to be yelled at on your most favorite day? You need to be with your new spouse and those who love you. You don't need me begging to take you from your self-expressed reception table to make sure I get some magazine worthy shots.

You need to have fun and it is an absolute joy for me to eternalize that for you.

How does it all work?

1. You have three main package options and each has the option for two photographers-just ask!

2. All images are available in high resolution so you can print anywhere, post anywhere, or order through me. What I edit is what I present so you are getting my best work.

3. You can add additional hours, gifts, prints and more.

4. An engagement session is available in every package. It's great practice for the big day.

5. My turn around time has been at the very most at two weeks. I get too excited so you can expect them way earlier most of the time.


Package 1

Starting at $3000

3-4 hours with one photographer (Julie)
Free Engagement Session
At least 300 digital images in high-res
10x10 Album
$100 Print Store Gift Card

Package 2

Starting at $3700

5 to 8 hours with one photographer (Julie)
Free Engagement Session
At least 300 digital images in high-res
10x10 album
$100 Print Store Gift Card

Package 3

Starting $4500

9-10 hours with one photographer (Julie)
Free Engagement Session
At least 400 digital images in high-res
10x10 album
$100 Print Store Gift Card


Do you travel?

Of course! I love to travel! I do require a travel stipend when it is past 50 miles.

Can I take some pieces out your packages to get a better price?

Nope! These are carefully curated and the gifts are a big THANK YOU for booking with me!

What is your turn around time?

Depending on the size and length of the wedding, I try to get my photos back to you-ready to download by two weeks.

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! I do require payment plans to be on auto-pay. Keeps us both organized.